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Jaime Alter - The True Harfun Maula

Since the dawn of the millenium cricket journalism has changed. The way we consume and cover the sport has new requirements in this digital world and Jaime Alter is the true digital content creator of today. Alter joins the podcast this week to talk about his love for the game and how the paths aligned for him to be part of the Sambit Bal lead cricinfo crew in 2005. 

We explore the ever changing digital landscape of the game today. Alter touches upon different aspects of how the Internet generation has also changed the approach to cricket coverage. Does the independent content creators add more value to the sporting ecosystem along with the established mediums? The episodes concludes with Alter weighing in on the possible appointment of Rahul Dravid as the new head coach.

You can find Jaime Alter's work and his links here -


T20 WC Preview - India, England and Australia

Sanket Singbal and Gurkirat Singh Gill join the show to preview the squads of India, England and Australia ahead of the T20 World Cup. The duo breaks down the three teams based on the strengths and weaknesses of the respective squads given the conditions in the UAE.

Sharda Ugra Interview

Noted cricket journalist Sharda Ugra joins the podcast for a detailed conversation on many things including the changing landscape of cricket journalism, layers of fandom, brand value of a player and much more. Ugra has covered professional cricket since the late 80's. In this episode she recalls how the media relationship with the practitioners of sport has changed especially when it comes to highlighting any conflicts and shortcomings. What happens when your favorite cricket player is now the most powerful brand by itself? How do we rise above the "us" vs "them" mentality concerning the off field issues? Lot of important topics uncovered.

This conversation had lot of layers to it and Ugra also addressed her recent articles on BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and team India head coach Ravi Shastri. There is a lot of food for thought on how we have evolved as fans and how the sport should be held accountable.


Some of her relative recent work to the topics we covered -


Stat Merchants vs Nostalgia Merchants and their take on the batting decade of 2010

A conversation that has gotten serious momentum on cricket twitter is whether the current era is the most difficult for test match batting. To better understand the question from the statistical bent of mind one has to acknowledge the two prevalent schools of thought from today's fanbases - The Stat merchant and his older cousin The Nostalgic merchant. Please join us in a fun deep diving discussion. Your panel is @aftabkhanna (, @vijayarumugam ( and @nakulMpande (

The Captaincy Debate and Kohlism

How well do we understand the discipline of Cricket captaincy? It's fair to stay the definition of captaincy has gone through a big change in recent years from the fan's vantage point. Is there an overestimation attached to the role of a cricket captain in terms of how it influences the outcome of a match? Can a good captain change the fortunes of a weak team? Do we need to unlearn some of the hero worship that has been attached to this role? To discuss this at length @cric_pod hosted its largest ensemble guest panel consisting of Gurkirat Singh Gill(, Kevin Framp(, Sudatta Mukherjee(, Aftab Khanna( and Vijay Arumugam( 

In a detailed round table podcast the panel addresses various functions of cricket captainship from tactical nuance, leadership, vision, rebuilding to creating a team culture. 

In the second half of the podcast we cover the hot topic of Virat Kohli's leadership style. Is it too aggressive and more importantly does it rub off on teammates? Or does it even matter if we get the results? All these and many more relevant questions get tackled in this long episode!

The Geoff Lawson Files

Geoff Francis Lawson is a former Australian fast bowler who also coached the Pakistan national team. In a candid conversation Lawson opens up about his playing days. He takes a trip down memory lane to remember all the men he played under - Greg Chappell, Kim Hughes and Allan Border. In an era of packed cricket calendars Lawson reminds us of Ashes tours that lasted four and a half months long and the challenges of playing in cold English weather. He also mentions the two tosses days where the preliminary toss was to choose the ball!

The conversation has lot of fun and nuanced observations on why fast bowlers don't get the captaincy job in Australian cricket to the idea getting more foreign coaches down under. Last but not the least he recalls upon his time in Lahore with the Pakistan national team.

India England preview with Aftab Khanna

Aftab Khanna joins the show to preview the India England test series. The kickoff point is the absence of Ben Stokes and how does that impact the balance of this English side. Aftab addresses the notion whether India are the favorites for this series or not given the missing status of Archer, Stokes and Woakes. Should India be playing two spinners at Trent Bridge and in this series in general given it starts in August not July?

The conversation on the indian front focuses on the lack of form of two of India's most seasoned campaigners - Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. Is it the beginning of the end for both men? Aftab also makes a case for Rohit Sharma to have a successful outing as India's mainstay batsman. Lastly we discuss the slight change in approach for Virat Kohli's batting in test matches since the last time he toured England.

In addition to the preview we touch upon some of the highlights from the previous five tours of India starting from 2002.

The Dravid captaincy through the lens of Sidvee

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan( of the podcast returns to Cricket with an accent to recall the events surrounding the Rahul Dravid captaincy period. It is one of the semi forgotten eras of Indian cricket which still polarizes fans and media whenever the topic resurfaces. Vaidyanathan, who was a cricinfo journalist during that time helps unpack the mixed bag of emotions and myths attached to that period with some facts from the public domain. 

We touch upon various points like what is good captaincy or even a better topic - is there too much value attached to captaincy in terms of cricketing outcomes. Using these notions we address the transition of captaincy from the Ganguly years to the Dravid years. Of course there is the towering figure of Greg Chappell - who also gets mentioned in detail as he was the integral part of this cricketing triangle like none other. What is Dravid's legacy? Vaidyanathan revisits one of his pieces which he wrote towards the end of the Dravid years and reevaluates the footprints left behind by the tandem of Dravid and Chappell, and the team they tried to build. It was incredibly fun conversation.

Sources referred for this conversation -


Aftab Khanna on New Zealand’s win in the inaugural WTC

Aftab Khanna(@aftabkhanna in twitter) returns to the podcast to join host Saqib Ali to discuss New Zealand's win in Southampton. The conversation looks at the tournament structure of this first edition and attempts at exploring how future FTP's may include a more level playing field. Is there room for a best of three WTC final given the already crowded cricket calendar.

The focus shifts on to the winners who have transformed into this world class unit with a potent fast bowling attack which oozes with variety. Khanna takes a deep dive into explaining the significance of Neil Wagner who has become a serious contributor to this Kiwi team's fortunes. Other notable mentions are of Ross Taylor the unsung hero and BJ Watling - the best gloveman in the business.

Last but not the least Khanna talks about the ever divisive conversation surrounding Che Pujara. This conversation on Pujara will continue as we post more episodes on India's tour to England.

We referred to this piece by Sid Monga on BJ watling during our conversation.

Former cricketer Surinder Khanna looks back at his time in India and Delhi dressing rooms

Former India cricketer Surinder Khanna is the podcast guest. In this episode Khanna looks back at the roadmap of his cricket timeline from the grounds of the Hindu college to the ultimate honor in Indian cricket - playing for India. Khanna was a cricketer who was ahead of his times in how he approached his batting as a wicket keeper. We drew comparisons with the likes of Rishabh Pant and MS Dhoni. He was part of the exciting Delhi cricket batting lineup and played a mentor to the likes of Raman Lamba and Ajay Sharma. It's a typical Khanna conversation - straight from the heart. 

He pays homage to his captains Bishan Bedi, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev. A must listen episode for all fans.

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